2023 ANZSLA Sports Law Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the recipients of ANZSLA's 2023 Sports Law Scholarship; Adeleina Loto Meleisea and Leon Harris.  

Adeleina is a Solicitor at Auckland Disability Law, a community law centre in South Auckland. She has a criminal and human rights law background but has shifted her focus to her true passion in Sports Law. She is pursuing her LLM, specialising in commercial and corporate law, at the University of Auckland to facilitate this career pivot. Adeleina's codes of choice are rugby league and combat sports, with a particular interest in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Leon is a Clinical Legal Educator at the University of the Sunshine Coast currently working on a PhD that explores the potential legal ramifications for contact sports arising out brain impact trauma leading to neurological disease in participants.  His focus is on the ways in which contact sports are addressing the risk associated with repeated sub-concussive impacts that may arise during normal training and game play, rather than “one-off” concussions which currently appear to be the basis of most sport regulation in Australia and New Zealand.