Cases Reference List

Australian Case Table Index

When you go to use the Case Table Index you will discover that the presentation is different to what you may be used. This is the first part of the Case Table Index and covers Australian and UK cases relevant to Sports Law. The second part will contain New Zealand decisions which have been provided by Professor Liz Toomey from Canterbury University in New Zealand. The final part contains miscellaneous decisions from the US and Canada that have been considered by Australian courts.

Structure of the Case Index

There are some differences to note when using this Case Index. While there is an alphabetical list of cases, under each ‘letter’ of the Alphabet there is also an alphabetical listing of general areas of law that have some connection with sport. These include:

  • business or organisational structures (unincorporated and incorporated associations and companies);
  • contract law;
  • discrimination;
  • dispute settlement;
  • drugs (anti-doping);
  • industrial/employment law;
  • insurance;
  • marketing, sponsorship and intellectual property;
  • torts (negligence, occupier’s liability, nuisance, trespass);
  • trade practices; and
  • working with children.

For user convenience, and where possible, citations are medium neutral, ie, they are accessible online. So no need to go to a Law Library. And remember the reason for the categorisation in this form is to help you ( the reader) find a case and decide its relevance.

However, there are still lots of cases where the citation is not medium neutral that have been missed in putting this Case Index together. Please let Sharon Scriven, the ANZSLA Executive Officer (or email her at know and the Index can be update.



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