How can I become a member?

To get a membership subscription you need to purchase a membership product from either our AU and internationl plans or New Zealand Plans.

Once you have created your account you will be logged into your Memeber Portal, there you will need to fill out some questions before completing the payment and becoming a full member.

Using the Member Portal

How do I update my address?

To change your personal address - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Addresses.

How do I update my phone number?

To change your name or phone number - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Personal Details.

How do I update my directory entry?

To update your Directory Entry - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Bio and edit all relevant information.  Also note that to appear in the directory you must have a full membership and also have a valid physical address. PO Boxes will not be displayed.

How do I update my committee information?

If you are on a committee and want to edit your photo or bio - - In the left menu of My Member Portal, choose Bio Details.

How do I edit my log in details whilst signed in?

Login details under my account in the member portal lets you edit your email address used to login and also the password.

How do I view my current membership?

Current Subscriptions lets you view your current active or expired membership plans attached to you and your business. It will let you renew membership on this page as well as the home page of the Member Portal.

How do I update my interest groups?

We encourage you to browse the Special Interest Groups when logged into your account and choose the most appropriate for yourself so that will be kept up to-date with News, Events and Resources relating to that topic.We will put the standard information in the General Special Interest Group.

How do I update my Communication Preferences? (this is what newsletters and emails you will receive)

Communication Preferences can be updated by navigating to my content and selecting communication preferences.