The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) is an Australian Sports Commission led information and knowledge sharing initiative which is open to anyone who wishes to register as a member. The Clearinghouse collects and disseminates relevant information in the field of sport and makes that information available to people and groups working in that field and to other interested stakeholders working across associated fields.

This includes:

  • Identifying and acquiring information of relevance to the Australian sport sector;
  • Connecting people in sport with complementary expertise;
  • Informing sports practitioners (such as athletes, coaches, physical educators, scientists, researchers, administrators, volunteers, and sporting officials) about good and promising practice in sport;
  • Providing Australian governments at all levels with comprehensive and policy relevant analysis of research relating to sport, and the value of sport to the Australian community; and,
  • Providing the Australian community with high quality information on sport and physical activity.

To find out more, or to register for the Clearinghouse:

The Clearinghouse Expert Directory

The Clearinghouse Knowledge Base provides the sport sector and members with a repository of knowledge portfolios covering key topics and issues relevant to the Australian sport sector. To ensure that the Knowledge Base and its associated information resources remain current, accurate and fit for purpose, we are seeking to recruit the expertise of individuals specialising in the various fields. These individuals also form the Clearinghouse Expert Directory, where Clearinghouse members can locate subject matter specialists.

ANZSLA members with specialist expertise in the fields of High Performance Sport, Organised Sport or Sport Participation – in particular topic areas such as Governance, Policies, Integrity etc. are invited to become an ‘Expert’ for the Clearinghouse.   As an expert you would be asked to review, evaluate and contribute to portfolios created by our research consultants and Australian sport sector partners.

If you would like to accept this invitation and become a Clearinghouse Expert, please complete the Expert Registration Form. Please note by becoming an Expert your name will be cited on the relevant portfolio and within the Clearinghouse Expert Directory, however contact details will only be displayed as per your preferences.