Transgender rules - An insight into how these are drafted for elite and community sport

5:00pm Thursday, 20 May 2021
6:00pm Thursday, 20 May 2021

A webinar providing an insight into how transgender rules are drafted for elite and community sport, with guest speakers Yvonne Nolan (Deputy General Counsel, World Rugby) and Kerry Tavrou (Head of Diversity & Inclusion, Tennis Australia).   The session will be introduced by Rebecca Hooper (ANZSLA Director; and Legal Counsel, New Zealand Rugby).

Yvonne will discuss the process adopted by World Rugby to draft its transgender regulations (as they relate to professional rugby) and Kerry will talk about the process adopted by  Transgender and Gender Diverse Governance in Sport launch driven by Pride in Sport where Tennis Australia launched a new resource related to the inclusion of employees, players, coaches, volunteers and spectators with diverse sexualities and genders (related to community sport).  

Legal practitioners may be able to claim 1 CPD point for attendance at this event. 

This free webinar is open to ANZSLA members only.  Please register on the form available from this page.