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2019 Melbourne Law Masters Sports Law program

Melbourne Law School, ranked 1st in Australia and in the top 10 law schools globally, is also a world pioneer in exploring the interface between sports and the law.  Melbourne Law School's renowned specialisation in sports law is at the cutting-edge of sporting and legal knowledge. It was developed specifically for legal practitioners and professionals in the growing field of sports administration and management, for whom an understanding of sports law will provide a real professional advantage. This year’s program more than ever lives up to its international reputation for innovation and industry relevance.

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Forthcoming week-intensive subjects in 2019:

Sports Medical and Anti-Doping Law, May 2019


  • Mr Hayden Opie AM, Coordinator
  • Dr Peter Brukner OAM
  • Dr Peter Harcourt OAM

eSports and the Law, June 2019


  • Professor Jack Anderson, Coordinator
  • Mat Jessep

Sports Integrity and Investigations, September 2019


  • Mr Hayden Opie AM, Coordinator
  • Ms Catherine Ordway

Sports Law: Entities and Governance, November 2019


  • Mr Robert Macdonald, Coordinator
  • Mr Malcolm Speed AO
  • Mr James Paterson

Bond University

Global Sports Law and Governance 

Global Sports Law and Governance is offered as an elective subject in the postgraduate program.  Students are taken on a journey across jurisdictions to see how a number of current and emerging sports law issues transcend international borders.

Sports Law

Sports Law is an undergraduate elective subject offered by the Faculty of Law. Sports Law analyses legal issues involved in the organisation of sporting events and participation in sporting events.

Sports Law at the University of Technology Sydney

'Sports Law' at the University of Technology Sydney is an undergraduate and post-graduate subject within the Faculty of Law.

The subject considers from a sports law perspective topics including: Domestic Disciplinary Tribunals, Violence in Sport, Negligence and Civil Liability, Corruption and Gambling, Doping, Trade and Competition, Intellectual property, Agency, Behavioural Misconduct, Discrimination, and Athlete Selection. 'Sports Law' at UTS is available to students of other universities and as a 'one off' subject to those who may not wish to undertake a full degree.

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